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Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of Wallis and Futuna.

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Wallis and Futuna's area code 681 illustration with national symbols, traditional architecture, coastline, phones, and a signal tower, emphasizing the code +681.

Wallis and Futuna International Dialing Code

  • Name: Wallis and Futuna 🇼🇫
  • Code: 681, also +681, 00681, 00 681, 00-681, +681-, +00681, 0681, 000681, 011-681 etc.

General Information

  • Wallis and Futuna country code: 681
  • Trunk Prefix: None
  • International Prefix: 00
  • Number Details: Wallis and Futuna phone numbers are six digits. The first digit signifies whether the phone number is a mobile or fixed line phone. Landlines begin with‘7’. Mobile numbers begin with‘4’or‘8’.

An example of a Wallis and Futuna phone number

The Hotel Lomipeau lists its phone number in Mata-Utu as (681) 72 20 21.

Detail of Numbering Plan

NDC or leading digits of N(S)N N(S)N Number length Usage Additional Info
40 6 Mobile telephony services - Manuia Forwarding to voicemail
499 6 Mobile telephony services - Manuia Roaming Number (MSRN)
72 6 Fixed telephony services
80 6 Mobile telephony services - Manuia Voicemail remote access
82 6 Mobile telephony services - Manuia Wallis subscribers
83 6 Mobile telephony services - Manuia Futuna subscribers

Dialing Plan

Domestic Dialing

  • For local call: Dial the entire six-digit phone number
  • For long distance call: Dial the entire six-digit phone number

Foreign Dialing

  • To call Wallis and Futuna from abroad(including France and French Overseas Departments and Territories): exit code - 681 - local phone number(exit code can also be written as “+”)
  • To call abroad from Wallis and Futuna: 00 - country code - area code - phone number

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