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Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of Swaziland.

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Swaziland International Dialing Code

  • Name: Swaziland 🇸🇿
  • Code: 268, also +268, 00268, 00 268, 00-268, +268-, +00268, 0268, 000268, 011-268 etc.

General Information

  • Swaziland country code: 268
  • Trunk Prefix: None
  • International Prefix: 00
  • Number Details: Swazi numbers are eight digits. The first digit of the phone number designates whether the phone number is a mobile or landline. The second digit of a landline phone number represents a geographic part of the country. The third and fourth digit of a landline phone represents an extension of the area code to a specific city or area. Mobile numbers are represented by area codes starting with 7. The second digit designates the mobile carrier.

An example of a Swaziland phone number

The Foresters Arms Hotel lists its phone number in Mhlambanyatsi as + 268 – 246 74177.

Detail of Numbering Plan

List of allocations

NDC NSN number length Type Usage Operator
22 8 Area code for Shiselweni region Fixed line SPTC
23 8 Area code for Lubombo region Fixed line SPTC
24 8 Area code for Hhohho region Fixed line SPTC
25 8 Area code for Manzini region Fixed line SPTC
76 8 Non-geographic GSM MTN Swaziland
77 8 Non-geographic CDMA SPTC
78 8 Non-geographic Mobile GSM MTN Swaziland

List of Area Codes

Area/City Area Code
Bhunya 2452 2453
Big Bend 2363 2364
Hlathikulu 2217
Hluthi 2227
Lobamba 2416
Ludzeludze 2548
Mahamba 2237
Mahwalala 2472
Malkerns 2528
Mankayane 2538
Manzini 2505 2506
Maphiveni 2373
Matsapha 2517 2518
Mbabane 2404 2405 2406
Mhlambanyatsi 2467
Mhlume 2312 2313
Mpaka 2333
Ngwenya 2442
Nhlangano 2207
Nsoko 2303
Pigg's Peak 2437
Sidwashini 2422
Simunye 2382 2383
Siphocosini 2482
Siphofaneni 2344
Siteki 2343
Tshaneni 2322 2323

Important/Emergency Numbers

Number Service category
999 Police
933 Fire alarm
404-8911 Emergency calling
251-86155 Swaziland airlines
404-2111 MbabaneGovernment Hospital
404-2423 Mbabane Clinic Private Hospital
404-2941 Immigration

Dial Examples

To call Swaziland, dial +, then 268(the country code for Swaziland), then the area code(without the initial 0) and the local number.

International Call Local Call

1.How to call Swaziland from China:

Dial 00-268-Phone Number(8 digits).

We could have used the plus sign(+) to replace 00: +268-Phone Number(8 digits)

2.How to call Swaziland from USA:

Dial 011-268-Phone Number(8 digits).

We could have used the plus sign(+) to replace 011: +268-Phone Number(8 digits)

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