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Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of Saint Martin.

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Saint Martin International Dialing Code

  • Name: Saint Martin 🇲🇫
  • Code: 590, also +590, 00590, 00 590, 00-590, +590-, +00590, 0590, 000590, 011-590 etc.

General Information

  • Saint Martin country code: 590
  • Trunk Prefix: 0
  • International Prefix: 00
  • Number Details: Saint-Martin phone numbers are nine digits (ten including a leading‘0’that is not dialed when calling from outside the region). The leading‘0’is used when Saint-Martin is called locally or from France or French Overseas Departments and Territories (except for those in the Pacific). The first three digits designate whether the phone number is a landline (‘590’) or mobile (‘690’) – these numbers exist to make the Saint-Martin phone system compatible with the French system. Note that the country code for Saint-Martin is also ‘590’, resulting in ‘590’ being dialed twice in the phone number. Mobile numbers begin‘690’. Saint-Martin shares country code‘590’as well as exchanges‘590’and‘690’with Guadeloupe and Saint-Barthélemy.

An example of a phone number in Saint-Martin

The Centr’Hotel lists its phone number in Marigot as (590)590 878 651.

Important Numbers

Service Number
Police 17
Firefighters 18 or 911 (Mobile phone)
Medical / Medical Assistance 0590 29 04 04

Dialing Plan

Domestic Dialing

  • For local call: Dial the trunk prefix ‘0’, then the local nine digit phone number.
  • For long distance call: Dial the trunk prefix ‘0’, then the local nine digit phone number.

Foreign Dialing

  • To call Saint Martin from France or a French Department or Territory not in the Pacific: Dial the trunk prefix ‘0’, then the local nine digit phone number.
  • To call Saint Martin from outside Saint-Martin (including from Sint-Maarten, the Dutch part of the island): exit code - 590 - local phone number(exit code can also be written as “+”)
  • To call France or French Departments and Territories (except for those in the Pacific) from Saint Martin: 0 - nine digit local phone number
  • To call abroad from Saint Martin: 00 - country code - area code - phone number

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