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Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of Papua New Guinea.

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Papua New Guinea International Dialing Code

  • Name: Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬
  • Code: 675, also +675, 00675, 00 675, 00-675, +675-, +00675, 0675, 000675, 011-675 etc.

General Information

  • Papua New Guinea country code: 675
  • Trunk Prefix: None
  • International Prefix: 00
  • Number Details: Papuan phone numbers are seven digits. Mobile phone numbers are eight digits. With land-line (fixed line) phone numbers, the first one to three digits represent a geographic (area) code. Mobile numbers are dialed the same way as all other numbers in Papua New Guinea. They are eight digits and being with a‘7’. Satellite phone numbers specific to Papua New Guinea start with‘275’,‘276’, or‘278’. A satellite phone user in Papua New Guinea may be active on a satellite phone with its independent country code.

An example of a Papuan phone number

The National Art Museum and Art Gallery lists its phone number in Port Moresby as (+675) 325 2458.

Detail of Numbering Plan

Geographic Number

Operator Service Area Number Series
Telikom PNG Limited Port Moresby 300 XXXX
301 XXXX
302 XXXX
303 XXXX
306 XXXX
308 XXXX
309 XXXX
310 XXXX
311 XXXX
312 XXXX
320 XXXX
321 XXXX
322 XXXX
323 XXXX
324 XXXX
325 XXXX
326 XXXX
327 XXXX
328 XXXX
Central Rural 329 XXXX
Oro 642 XXXX
Milne Bay 641 XXXX
642 XXXX
643 XXXX
MobileSAT 644 XXXX
Western 645 XXXX
646 XXXX
Gulf 648 XXXX
Tabubil/Kiunga 649 XXXX
Madang 422 XXXX
424 XXXX
East Sepik 450 XXXX
456 XXXX
Sandaun 457 XXXX
458 XXXX
459 XXXX
Eastern Highlands 530 XXXX
531 XXXX
532 XXXX
537 XXXX
Chimbu 535 XXXX
Southern Highlands 540 XXXX
549 XXXX
Western Highlands 541 XXXX
542 XXXX
545 XXXX
546 XXXX
Enga 547 XXXX
Manus 970 XXXX
North Solomons 973 XXXX
975 XXXX
976 XXXX
East New Britain 980 XXXX
981 XXXX
982 XXXX
985 XXXX
987 XXXX
989 XXXX
New Ireland 983 XXXX
West New Britain 984 XXXX

Non-geographic Number

Operator Service Number Series
Digivoip Communications Limited VoIP service 207 XXXX
Digitec PNG Limited VoIP service 204 XXXX
Oceanic Broadband VoIP service 203 XXXX
Digicel (PNG) Limited VoIP service 202 XXXX
Telikom PNG Limited VoIP service 200 XXXX
Bemobile Limited VoIP service 201 XXXX

Mobile service

Operator Service Area Number Series
Digicel (PNG) Limited – trading as Digicel Nation wide 70XX XXXX
Bemobile (PNG) Limited – trading as BeMobile Vodafone Nation wide 75XX XXXX
Telikom PNG Limited – trading as Citifon Nation wide 775X XXXX

Special Service

Operator Service Number Series
Telikom PNG Limited Radio Paging Terminals 270 XXXX
Radio Paging 271 XXXX
VSAT Systems 275 XXXX
TeliSat 276 XXXX
DomSat 278 XXXX

Important Numbers

Country/Geographical Area Number Service category Additional information
Papua New Guinea 110 Fire -
Papua New Guinea 111 Medical -
Papua New Guinea 112 Police -
Papua New Guinea 116 Hazards Water
Papua New Guinea 116 Hazards Electricity
Papua New Guinea 1546 Child help-line -

Dialing Plan

Domestic Dialing

  • For local call: Dial all seven digits
  • For long distance call: Dial all seven digits

Foreign Dialing

  • To call Papua New Guinea from abroad: exit code - 675 - local phone number(exit code can also be written as “+”)
  • To call abroad from Papua New Guinea: 00 - country code - area code - phone number

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