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Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of Lithuania.

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Modern illustration depicting Lithuania's phone code +370, featuring the national flag, a smartphone displaying the code, Gediminas' Tower through a window, and a vase with small cornflowers representing the national flower.

Lithuania International Dialing Code

  • Name: Lithuania 🇱🇹
  • Code: 370, also +370, 00370, 00 370, 00-370, +370-, +00370, 0370, 000370, 011-370 etc.

General Information

  • Lithuania country code: 370
  • Trunk Prefix: 8
  • International Prefix: 00
  • Number Details: Lithuanian phone numbers are eight digits (not including a leading‘8’that is used as a trunk prefix). The first one to three digits represents a geographic (area) code. The only one digit area code is Vilnius. Mobile numbers being with digit‘6’.

An example of a Lithuanian phone number

The National Museum of Lithuania lists its phone number in Vilnius as +370 (5) 262 77 74.

Detail of Numbering Plan

Fixed telephone

NDC National significant number Usage
30X XX XXX Reserved
310 XX XXX Varėna district numbering
311 XX XXX Reserved
312 XX XXX Reserved
313 XX XXX Druskininkai town numbering
314 XX XXX Reserved
315 XX XXX Alytus town and district numbering
316 XX XXX Reserved
317 XX XXX Reserved
318 XX XXX Lazdijai district numbering
319 XX XXX Prienai district and Birštonas town numbering
32X XX XXX Reserved
33X XX XXX Reserved
340 XX XXX Ukmergė district numbering
341 XX XXX Reserved
342 XX XXX Vilkaviškis district numbering
343 XX XXX Marijampolė district numbering
344 XX XXX Reserved
345 XX XXX Šakiai district numbering
346 XX XXX Kaišiadorys district numbering
347 XX XXX Kėdainiai district numbering
348 XX XXX Reserved
349 XX XXX Jonava district numbering
35X XX XXX Reserved
36X XX XXX Reserved
37 XX XX XX Kaunas city and district numbering
380 XX XXX Šalčininkai district numbering
381 XX XXX Anykščiai district numbering
382 XX XXX Širvintos district numbering
383 XX XXX Molėtai district numbering
384 XX XXX Reserved
385 XX XXX Zarasai district numbering
386 XX XXX Ignalina district and Visaginas town numbering
387 XX XXX Švenčionys district numbering
388 XX XXX Reserved
389 XX XXX Utena district numbering
39X XX XXX Reserved
40X XX XXX Reserved
41 XX XX XX Šiauliai city and district numbering
420 XX XXX Reserved
421 XX XXX Pakruojis district numbering
422 XX XXX Radviliškis district numbering
423 XX XXX Reserved
424 XX XXX Reserved
425 XX XXX Akmenė district numbering
426 XX XXX Joniškis district numbering
427 XX XXX Kelmė district numbering
428 XX XXX Raseiniai district numbering
429 XX XXX Reserved
43X XX XXX Reserved
440 XX XXX Skuodas district numbering
441 XX XXX Šilutė district numbering
442 XX XXX Reserved
443 XX XXX Mažeikiai district numbering
444 XX XXX Telšiai district numbering
445 XX XXX Kretinga district numbering
446 XX XXX Tauragė district numbering
447 XX XXX Jurbarkas district numbering
448 XX XXX Plungė district numbering
449 XX XXX Šilalė district numbering
450 XX XXX Biržai district numbering
451 XX XXX Pasvalys district numbering
452 XX XXX Reserved
453 XX XXX Reserved
45 4X XX XX Panevėžys city and district numbering
45 5X XX XX Panevėžys city and district numbering
456 XX XXX Reserved
457 XX XXX Reserved
458 XX XXX Rokiškis district numbering
459 XX XXX Kupiškis district numbering
460 XX XXX Palanga town numbering
461 XX XXX Reserved
46 2X XX XX Klaipėda city and district numbering
46 3X XX XX Klaipėda city and district numbering
46 4X XX XX Klaipėda city and district numbering
465 XX XXX Reserved
466 XX XXX Reserved
467 XX XXX Reserved
468 XX XXX Reserved
469 XX XXX Neringa town numbering
47X XX XXX Reserved
48X XX XXX Reserved
49X XX XXX Reserved
50X XX XXX Reserved
51X XX XXX Reserved
5 20X XXXX Vilnius city and district numbering
5 21X XXXX Vilnius city and district numbering
5 22X XXXX Vilnius city and district numbering
5 23X XXXX Vilnius city and district numbering
5 24X XXXX Vilnius city and district numbering
5 25X XXXX Vilnius city and district numbering
5 26X XXXX Vilnius city and district numbering
5 27X XXXX Vilnius city and district numbering
528 XX XXX Trakai district numbering
5 29X XXXX Reserved
5 3XX XXXX Reserved
5 4XX XXXX Reserved
5 5XX XXXX Reserved
5 6XX XXXX Reserved
5 7XX XXXX Reserved
58X XX XXX Reserved
59X XX XXX Reserved

Mobile telephone

NDC Network termination point number Number purpose
6XX XX XXX Public mobile telephone communication services

Short number

Number Usage of short number
10XX Public telephone communication service provider selection code
11X(XXX) Special services
110 Reserved
111 Reserved
112 Single emergency response number
113 Reserved
114 Reserved
115 Reserved
116XXX Harmonized social service numbers:
116000 Hotlines for missing children
116001 –116005 Reserved
116006 Helpline for victims of crime
116007 –116110 Reserved
116111 Child helplines
116112 – 116116 Reserved 
116117 Non-emergency medical on-call service
116118 – 116122 Reserved
116123 Emotional support helplines
116124 – 116999 Reserved
117 The number for the activities of the customer care services unit of the provider of public communication network and/or services
118 The number of directory inquiry services on provision of information, including information on all the subscribers of public telephone communication services, listed in the public printed and/or electronic lists of subscribers of the provider of public communication network and/or services
119 The number for registration of faults, occurring in the network of the provider of public communication network and/or services
12X Reserved
13XX The numbers for delivery service providers (recommended)
14XX The numbers for transport service providers (recommended)
15XX The numbers for information service providers (recommended)
16XX The numbers for non-telecommunication service providers (recommended)
17X Reserved
18XX The numbers for the non-telecommunication service providers for provision of delivery, transport and/or information services
19XXX The numbers for the non-telecommunication service providers

Service Number

NDC Network termination point number Number purpose
700 XX XXX Personal number
701 XX XXX Reserved
702 XX XXX Reserved
703 XX XXX Reserved
704 XX XXX Reserved
705 XX XXX Voting by telephone services
706 XX XXX State and its institutions non-commercial functioning
707 XX XXX Company networks
708 XX XXX Reserved
709 XX XXX Reserved
71X XX XXX Reserved
72X XX XXX Reserved
73X XX XXX Reserved
74X XX XXX Reserved
75X XX XXX Reserved
76X XX XXX Reserved
77X XX XXX Reserved
78X XX XXX Reserved
79X XXXXX Reserved
800 XX XXX Freephone services
801 XX XXX Direct dialing-in via the internet services
802 XX XXX Collect call services
803 XX XXX Reserved
804 XX XXX Reserved
805 XX XXX Reserved
806 XX XXX Reserved
807 XX XXX Reserved
808 XX XXX Shared payment services
809 XX XXX Reserved
81X XX XXX Reserved
82X XX XXX Reserved
83X XX XXX Reserved
84X XX XXX Reserved
85X XX XXX Reserved
86X XX XXX Reserved
87X XX XXX Reserved
88X XX XXX Reserved
89X XX XXX Reserved
900 XX XXX Value added tariff services
901 XX XXX Direct dialing-in via the Internet services
902 XX XXX Value added tariff services
903 XX XXX Value added tariff services
904 XX XXX Reserved
905 XX XXX Reserved
906 XX XXX Reserved
907 XX XXX Reserved
908 XX XXX Reserved
909 XX XXX Value added tariff adult services
910 XX XXX Value added tariff services
911 XX XXX Reserved
912 XX XXX Reserved
913 XX XXX Reserved
914 XX XXX Reserved
915 XX XXX Reserved
916 XX XXX Reserved
917 XX XXX Reserved
918 XX XXX Reserved
919 XX XXX Reserved
92X XX XXX Reserved
93X XX XXX Reserved
94X XX XXX Reserved
95X XX XXX Reserved
96X XX XXX Reserved
97X XX XXX Reserved
98X XX XXX Reserved
990 XX XXX Reserved
991 XX XXX Reserved
992 XX XXX Reserved
993 XX XXX Reserved
994 XX XXX Reserved
995 XX XXX Reserved
996 XX XXX Reserved
997 XX XXX Reserved
998 XX XXX Reserved
999 XX XXX Reserved

Important Number

Number Service
112 Unified Emergency Call
101 Fire Brigade
102 Police
102 Ambulance
108 Information Inquiry

Dialing Plan

Domestic Dialing

  • For local call: Local phone number
  • For long distance call:8 - area code - local phone number

Foreign Dialing

  • To call Lithuania from abroad: exit code - 370 - area code - local phone number(exit code can also be written as “+”)
  • To call abroad from Lithuania: 00 - country code - area code - phone number

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