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Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of Faroe Islands.

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Faroe Islands International Dialing Code

  • Name: Faroe Islands 🇫🇴
  • Code: 298, also +298, 00298, 00 298, 00-298, +298-, +00298, 0298, 000298, 011-298 etc.

General Information

  • Faroe Islands country code: 298
  • Trunk Prefix: None
  • International Prefix: 00
  • Number Details: Faroe Islands numbers are six digits. The first 1 to 2 digits designates whether the phone number is a mobile or landline. Mobile numbers have their specific dialing prefix. Those prefixes are interspersed between mobile and landline phone numbers.

An example of a Faroe Islands phone number

The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands lists its phone number in Torshavn as +298 313579.

Detail of Numbering Plan

Number range Usage
20XXXX Fixed Network
21XXXX - 29XXXX GSM Mobile
3XXXXX Fixed Network
4XXXXX Fixed Network
6XXXXX Fixed Network (including VoIP)
70XXXX Shared Cost Numbers
71XXXX - 79XXXX GSM Mobile
80XXXX Freephone numbers
81XXXX - 89XXXX Fixed Network (including VoIP)
90XXXX Premium rate numbers
91XXXX - 99XXXX Mobile (reserved for 3G)

Important Number

Number range Owner Usage
112 Faroese Telecom Emergency
114 Faroese Telecom Police (non-emergency)
118 Faroese Telecom Number Information

Dialing Plan

Domestic Dialing

  • For local call: Dial all six digits of the local phone number
  • For long distance call: Dial all six digits of the local phone number

Foreign Dialing

  • To call Faroe Islands from abroad: exit code - 298 - phone number(exit code can also be written as “+”)
  • To call abroad from Faroe Islands: 00 - country code - area code - phone number

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