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Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of Brunei.

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Brunei International Dialing Code

  • Name: Brunei 🇧🇳
  • Code: 673, also +673, 00673, 00 673, 00-673, +673-, +00673, 0673, 000673, 011-673 etc.

General Information

  • Country code: +673
  • International access code: 00
  • National long distance access code: NA
  • All of the telephone numbers in Brunei are seven (7) digits long.
  • Format of International numbers: Country code - Phone number
Example: Fixed phone: +673 2 156320
Mobile phone: +673 89 60711

Detail of Area Code and Prefix

Fixed Service

Area Code Geographical Area International Format
2 Brunei Muara +673 2 XX XXXX
3 Belait +673 3 XX XXXX
4 Tutong +673 4 XX XXXX
5 Temburong +673 5 XX XXXX

Public Cellular Services

Code Operator International Format
228XXXX DataStream Technology Sdn Bhd +673 228XXXX
229XXXX DataStream Technology Sdn Bhd +673 229XXXX
81XXXXX B.mobile Communications Sdn Bhd +673 81XXXXX
82XXXXX B.mobile Communications Sdn Bhd +673 82XXXXX
83XXXXX B.mobile Communications Sdn Bhd +673 83XXXXX
86XXXXX DataStream Technology Sdn Bhd +673 86XXXXX
87XXXXX DataStream Technology Sdn Bhd +673 87XXXXX
88XXXXX DataStream Technology Sdn Bhd +673 88XXXXX
89XXXXX DataStream Technology Sdn Bhd +673 89XXXXX
71XXXXX DataStream Technology Sdn Bhd +673 71XXXXX
720XXXX DataStream Technology Sdn Bhd +673 720XXXX
721XXXX DataStream Technology Sdn Bhd +673 721XXXX
722XXXX DataStream Technology Sdn Bhd +673 722XXXX

Special Service

Code Service
1800 XXXX Freephone Service
1900 XXXX Premium Service
800 XXXX Home Country Direct Service
801 XXXX International Freephone Service

Important & Emergency Numbers

Phone number Service
993 Police
995 Fireman
991 Ambulance
998 Search and rescue
113 Telephone directory
2331747 Flight information
2382333 Customs inquiry

Phone Call Instructions

Phone calls from Brunei

The International access code for Brunei is 00. Please dial 00 or the plus sign (+) before the destination country code when making international calls.

There is no national long distance access code in Brunei. Please dial the phone number directly.

  • Within Brunei: XXXX XXXX (phone number)
  • From Brunei to abroad: 00(or +) - country code - area code (if any) - phone number

To call Brunei from abroad

To call Brunei from abroad, the International access code depends on which country you are in.

Please check the Country Code List.

Dial the International access code or plus sign (+) at first, then 673, then dial the phone number.

  • For example: How to call Brunei from America:
011 (or +) - 673 - phone number.

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