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Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of British Virgin Islands.

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British Virgin Islands International Dialing Code

  • Name: British Virgin Islands 🇻🇬
  • Code: 1284, also +1284, 001284, 00 1284, 00-1284, +1284-, +001284, 01284, 0001284, 011-1284 etc.

General Information

  • British Virgin Islands (country code +1 284)
  • International access code: 011
  • National long distance access code: 1
  • NPA (Numbering Plan Area) / Area code within the NANP (North American Numbering Plan): 284
  • In British Virgin Islands, local telephone numbers have seven digits.
  • International dialing format: +1 NPA NXX XXXX
  • Example: +1 284 494 6786

Detail of Area Code and Prefix

Central Office Code (NXX) Service Operator Notes
229 Fixed C&W ISDN
300 Mobile Digicel Internal Corporation
301 Mobile Digicel
302 Mobile Digicel
303 Mobile Digicel
340 Mobile Digicel
341 Mobile Digicel
342 Mobile Digicel
343 Mobile Digicel
344 Mobile Digicel
345 Mobile Digicel
346 Mobile Digicel
347 Mobile Digicel
368 Mobile Digicel Government use only
440 Mobile CCT
441 Mobile CCT
442 Mobile CCT
443 Mobile CCT
444 Mobile CCT
445 Mobile CCT
446 Fixed CCT
468 Fixed & Mobile CCT Government use only
494 Fixed C&W
495 Fixed C&W
496 0000-5999 Fixed C&W
496 6000-9999 Mobile CCT
499 Mobile CCT
540 Mobile C&W
541 Mobile C&W Postpaid
542 Mobile C&W Postpaid
543 Mobile C&W Prepaid
544 Mobile C&W
545 Mobile C&W
546 Mobile C&W
547 Mobile C&W
568 Mobile C&W Government use only
852 Fixed C&W PBX Direct Inward dialling for PBX
864 Fixed C&W Voicemail
865 Fixed C&W Voicemail
869 Fixed C&W
  • CCT – Caribbean Cellular Telephone Ltd, trading as CCT Global Communications
  • C&W – Cable & Wireless (BVI) Ltd
  • Digicel – Digicel (BVI) Ltd

Important/Emergency Numbers

Phone Number Service category
911, 999 Police
999 Fire brigade, Ambulance
767, 499-0911 Virgin Islands Search & Rescue
494-4499 Emergency Operations Centre

Phone Call Instructions

Phone calls from British Virgin Islands

The International access code for British Virgin Islands is 011. Please dial 011 or the plus sign(+) before the country code of the country you are calling when making international calls.

The National long distance access code for British Virgin Islands is 1. Please dial 1 before the NPA code when making calls with NANP (North American Numbering Plan) countries.

  • Local call: NXX XXXX(subscriber number)
  • From British Virgin Islands to NANP country: 1 - area code(NPA) - phone number
  • From British Virgin Islands to non NANP country: 011(or +) -country code - area code(if any) - phone number

To call British Virgin Islands from abroad

Calls from the United States or other NANP country simply dial 1 284 and the seven digit number.

To call British Virgin Islands from non NANP countries, the International access code depends on which country you are in.

Dial the International access code or plus sign(+) at first, then 1 284(code for British Virgin Islands), then dial the phone number.

  • From NANP country to British Virgin Islands: 1 284 - NXX XXXX(subscriber number)
  • From non NANP country to British Virgin Islands: International access code(or +) - 1 284 - NXX XXXX
  • For example: How to call British Virgin Islands from China:
00 (or +) - 1 284 - NXX XXXX.

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