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Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of Bolivia.

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Bolivia International Dialing Code

  • Name: Bolivia 🇧🇴
  • Code: 591, also +591, 00591, 00 591, 00-591, +591-, +00591, 0591, 000591, 011-591 etc.

General Information

  • Bolivia country code: 591
  • International access code: 00
  • National long distance access code: 0
  • Mobile telecom operators in Bolivia mainly include Entel, Tigo and Viva, etc.
Domestic calls are generally 0.8 BOB to 1.2 BOB per minute, and there are no roaming charges.
The mobile phone service includes different charging packages, and the user can select them as needed.
  • International dialing format: +591 - Area code - local number
Example: +591 2 2772266

Detail of Area Code and Prefix

Area Code +591.png

List of area codes in Bolivia

Department Area Code
La Paz 2
Oruro 2
Potosí 2
Pando 3
Beni 3
Santa Cruz 3
Cochabamba 4
Chuquisaca 4
Tarija 4

Local fixed numbers in Bolivia

Department City/Locality Local number (seven digits) Operator
Beni Guayaramerín 855XXXX COTEGUA
Beni Reyes 825XXXX ENTEL
Beni Riberalta 852XXXX COTERI
Beni Riberalta 857XXXX ENTEL
Beni Rurrenabaque 892XXXX ENTEL
Beni San Borja 895XXXX ENTEL
Beni San Buena Ventura 892XXXX ENTEL
Beni San Ignacio De Moxos 482XXXX ENTEL
Beni Santa Ana De Yacuma 484XXXX COTEMO
Beni Magdalena 886XXXX ENTEL
Chuquisaca Camargo 62XXXXX ENTEL
Chuquisaca Monteagudo 647XXXX ENTEL
Chuquisaca Sucre 64XXXXX COTES
Cochabamba Cochabamba 4XXXXXX COMTECO
Cochabamba Quillacollo 4XXXXXX COMTECO
La Paz Caranavi 823XXXX COTECAR
La Paz Caranavi 824XXXX ENTEL
La Paz Copacabana 862XXXX ENTEL
La Paz Patacamaya 839XXXX ENTEL
Oruro Challapata 557XXXX ENTEL
Oruro Huanuni 55XXXXX ENTEL
Oruro Llallagua 58XXXXX ENTEL
Oruro Oruro 52XXXXX COTEOR
Pando Cobija 842XXXX COTECO
Potosí Potosí 62XXXXX COTAP
Potosí Tupiza 694XXXX ENTEL
Potosí Uyuni 693XXXX ENTEL
Potosí Villazón 596XXXX COTEVI
Potosí Villazón 597XXXX ENTEL
Santa Cruz Ascención De Guarayos 966XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Azubi 924XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Buena Vista 932XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Camirí 952XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Chane Independencia 924XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Charagua 954XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Comarapa 3XXXXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Concepción 964XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Cotoca 3XXXXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Cuatro Cañadas 965XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Gutiérrez 954XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Hardemann 924XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Jorochito 3XXXXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz La Bélgica 923XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz La Guardia 3XXXXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Loma Alta 924XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Los Chacos 923XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Mairana 948XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Mineros 924XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Montero 92XXXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Okinawa 923XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Paurito 3XXXXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Porongo 3XXXXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Portachuelo 924XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Poza Honda 966XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Puerto Fernandez 924XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Puerto Quijarro 97XXXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Puerto Suarez 97XXXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Robore 974XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Sagrado Corazón 924XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Samaipata 944XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz San Ignacio De Velasco 962XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz San Javier 963XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz San Jose De Chiquitos 972XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz San Juan 934XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz San Julian 965XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz San Luis 3XXXXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz San Matías 979XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz San Miguel De Velasco 962XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz San Pedro 924XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz San Rafael De Velasco 962XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz San Ramón 965XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz 3XXXXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Santa Fe 934XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Tiquipaya 3XXXXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Vallegrande 942XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Viru Viru 3XXXXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Warnes 923XXXX COTAS
Santa Cruz Yapacani 933XXXX COTAS
Tarija Bermejo 69XXXXX COTABE
Tarija Tarija 66XXXXX COSETT
Tarija Villamontes 672XXXX ENTEL
Tarija Yacuiba 68XXXXX ENTEL

Mobile numbers in Bolivia

  • All mobile telephone numbers starts with the digit “7”. The second number identifies the mobile service operator.
Department City/Locality Mobile number Operator
Cochabamba Cochabamba 7 07XXXXX VIVA GSM
La Paz La Paz 7 06XXXXX VIVA GSM
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz 7 08XXXXX VIVA GSM
Beni Trinidad 7 113XXXX ENTEL TDMA
Beni Trinidad 7 114XXXX ENTEL TDMA
Beni Trinidad 7 112XXXX ENTEL TDMA
Chuquisaca Sucre 7 11XXXXX ENTEL TDMA
Cochabamba Cochabamba 7 17XXXXX ENTEL TDMA
Cochabamba Cochabamba 7 14XXXXX ENTEL TDMA
Cochabamba Cochabamba 7 17XXXXX ENTEL TDMA
La Paz La Paz 7 194XXXX ENTEL TDMA
La Paz La Paz 7 195XXXX ENTEL TDMA
La Paz La Paz 7 196XXXX ENTEL TDMA
La Paz La Paz 7 197XXXX ENTEL TDMA
Oruro Oruro 7 18XXXXX ENTEL TDMA
Oruro Oruro 7 188XXXX ENTEL TDMA
Pando Cobija 7 111XXXX ENTEL TDMA
Potosí Potosí 7 18XXXXX ENTEL TDMA
Potosí Potosí 7 181XXXX ENTEL TDMA
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz 7 16XXXXX ENTEL TDMA
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz 7 10XXXXX ENTEL TDMA
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz 7 106XXXX ENTEL TDMA
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz 7 107XXXX ENTEL TDMA
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz 7 168XXXX ENTEL TDMA
Tarija Tarija 7 18XXXXX ENTEL TDMA
Tarija Tarija 7 189XXXX ENTEL TDMA
Beni Trinidad 7 284XXXX ENTEL GSM
Chuquisaca Sucre 7 28XXXXX ENTEL GSM
Cochabamba Cochabamba 7 22XXXXX ENTEL GSM
Oruro Oruro 7 245XXXX ENTEL GSM
Pando Cobija 7 291XXXX ENTEL GSM
Potosí Potosí 7 240XXXX ENTEL GSM
Potosí Potosí 7 241XXXX ENTEL GSM
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz 7 21XXXXX ENTEL GSM
Tarija Tarija 7 29XXXXX ENTEL GSM
Beni Trinidad 7 74XXXXX TELECEL
Chuquisaca Sucre 7 71XXXXX TELECEL
Cochabamba Cochabamba 7 74XXXXX TELECEL
Oruro Oruro 7 71XXXXX TELECEL
Pando Cobija 7 71XXXXX TELECEL
Potosí Potosí 7 74XXXXX TELECEL
Santa Cruz Puerto Suarez 7 73XXXXX TELECEL
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz 7 70XXXXX TELECEL
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz 7 73XXXXX TELECEL
Tarija Tarija 7 71XXXXX TELECEL

Direct line long distance numbers

Department Phone number Operator
Chuquisaca 4 691XXXX ENTEL
Cochabamba 4 411XXXX ENTEL
Cochabamba 4 412XXXX ENTEL
Cochabamba 4 413XXXX ENTEL
La Paz 2 211XXXX ENTEL
La Paz 2 212XXXX ENTEL
La Paz 2 213XXXX ENTEL
Oruro 2 511XXXX ENTEL
Potosí 2 612XXXX ENTEL
Santa Cruz 3 311XXXX ENTEL
Santa Cruz 3 312XXXX ENTEL
Santa Cruz 3 313XXXX ENTEL
Tarija 4 611XXXX ENTEL

Important/Emergency Numbers

Phone Number Service category
110 Police
119 Fire brigades
118 Ambulance
104 Directory assistance
114 Civil protection
120 National police
00591-2-2409090 Central Bank of Bolivia
00591-2-2110960 Bolivia Immigration Service
00591-2-2128008 Bolivia Customs
  • Bolivia has no subway, nor large bus company, and public transportation basically uses small cars and taxis.
There is no bus stop in the city and parking is always available. Public transport fares are cheaper.
There are taxi companies in La Paz and Santa Cruz. The contact details are as follows:
Company Locality Phone numbers
Radio Taxi Apolo La Paz 2222121
Radio Taxi Magnífico La Paz 2411411
Radio Taxi Sureño La Paz 2793333/2797777
Radio Taxi América Santa Cruz 3351313
Radio Taxi Betania Santa Cruz 3396363
Radio Taxi Cars Screen Santa Cruz 3522222
  • The main hospitals in Bolivia:
Hospital / Pharmacy City Address Phone numbers
Clínica del Sur La Paz Av. Hernando Siles, Calle 7 No.3539 Obraje 2786925 / 2786990
Clínica Rengel La Paz Av. 6 de agosto, No.2487, Zona Sopocachi 2444624
Arco Iris S.R.L. La Paz Av. 15 de abril, No.40 ingresando Barrio Gráfico, Villa Fátima 2216021
Clínica INCOR S.R.L. Santa Cruz Av. 26 de febrero, No.510 3118554 / 3118555
Clínica Médica Sirani Santa Cruz Call In Independencia, No.654 3111301 / 3145715
Clínica Médica Sirani Santa Cruz Calle René Moreno, No.687 3145702
Hospital San Juan de Dios Santa Cruz Calle Cuéllar 3153792
Clínica Niño Jesús Santa Cruz Av. Cañoto Esq. Rafael Peña 3366969
Hotel Universitario Japones Santa Cruz No.50, Av. Japón 3462031
Farma Corp Santa Cruz 3489190

Phone Call Instructions

Phone calls from Bolivia

The International access code for Bolivia is 00. Please dial 00 or the plus sign(+) before the country code of the country you are calling when making international calls.

The National long distance access code for Bolivia is 0. Please dial 0 before the area code when making domestic long distance calls.

  • Local call: XXX XXXX(local number)
  • National long distance call: 0 - area code - local number
For mobile phone, simply dial the mobile number.
  • From Bolivia to abroad: 00(or +) - country code - area code(if any) - phone number

To call Bolivia from abroad

To call Bolivia from abroad, the International access code depends on which country you are in.

Dial the International access code or plus sign(+) at first, then 591, then dial the area code and the phone number.

  • For example: How to call Bolivia from China:
00(or +) - 591 - area code - local number.
00(or +) - 591 - mobile number.

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