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Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of Belize.

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Belize Country Code +501 Illustration: Smartphone with Belizean Flag and Emblem, Map, Blue Hole, Tropical Wildlife

Belize International Dialing Code

  • Name: Belize 🇧🇿
  • Code: 501, also +501, 00501, 00 501, 00-501, +501-, +00501, 0501, 000501, 011-501 etc.

General Information

  • Belize (country code +501)
  • International access code: 00
  • Long distance prefix: NA
  • International dialing format: +501 ZNY XXXX, where:
+501 = Country code
Z = District Code
N = Type of service code
Y = First digit of customer’s telephone number
Example: +501 822 2092, +501 227 1185
  • Subscribers will be required to dial seven (7) digits for all local calls whether within the same area or district or to another area or district.

Detail of Area Code and Prefix

  • ZNY = NDC, national destination code or leading digits

Z code- Geographic or district code

Z code District
2 Belize District
3 Orange Walk District
4 Corozal District
5 Stann Creek District
7 Toledo District
8 Cayo District (including Belmopan, San Ignacio and Benque Viejo)
  • 6 for Countrywide Mobile Roaming by all mobile service providers.

N code- Type of service code

N code Service
0 & 20-21, 22-23 BTL Prepaid Mobile
0 BTL Prepaid PSTN and Payphones
1 BTL Postpaid Mobile
2 BTL Postpaid PSTN
6 SpeedNet Prepaid
7 SpeedNet Postpaid

Mobile Service

  • The format will be: ZNY + XXXX
Mobile series Observations
Initial Number End Number
6600010 6609998 Prepaid Mobile Service
6610001 6619998 Prepaid Mobile Service
6700010 6709998 Postpaid Mobile Service
6710001 6719998 Postpaid Mobile Service
6200010 6209998 Prepaid GSM Mobile Service
6210001 6219998 Prepaid GSM Mobile Service
622 XXXX SpeedNet Prepaid CDMA Mobile Service
623 XXXX SpeedNet Prepaid CDMA Mobile Service
624 XXXX GSM Mobile Service
625 XXXX GSM Mobile Service

Important/Emergency Numbers

Phone Number Service category
911 Police
2252125 Belize Coast Guard
501-828-5227 Immigration department
936, 822-2054/0995 National Emergency Management Organization

Phone Call Instructions

Phone calls from Belize

The international access code for Belize is 00. Please dial 00 or the plus sign(+) before the country code of the country you are calling when making international calls.

There is no national long distance prefix in Belize. Subscribers will be required to dial seven (7) digits for all local calls whether within the same area or district or to another area or district.

  • Within Belize: ZNY XXXX
  • From Belize to abroad: 00(or +) -country code - area code(if any) - phone number

To call Belize from abroad

To call Belize from abroad, the international access code depends on which country you are in.

Dial the international access code or plus sign(+) at first, then 501, then dial the phone number.

  • For example: How to call Belize from China:
00 - 501 - ZNY XXXX.
We could have used the plus sign(+) to replace 00:
+501 - ZNY XXXX.

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