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Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of Ascension.

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Ascension International Dialing Code

  • Name: Ascension
  • Code: 247, also +247, 00247, 00 247, 00-247, +247-, +00247, 0247, 000247, 011-247 etc.

General Information

  • Ascension (country code +247)
  • International Prefix: 00
  • Long distance Prefix: none
  • The length of geographical numbers will be increased from four (4) to five (5) digits and prefixed with the number "6".
  • The 4XXXX range has been reserved for mobile services.
  • The change to five-digit numbering is planned to be implemented on 1 June 2015.
  • Ascension Island does not share the same country code (+290) with the rest of St Helena.
  • International dialling format: +247 XXXXX.

Detail of Area Code and Prefix

Area Format of New Subscriber Number Remarks
1XXXXX Non – geographic
4XXXX Mobile services
US Base 62XXX Geographic
Travellers Hill & Airhead 63XXX Geographic
Two Boats 64XXX Geographic
50XXXX-59XXXX Non – geographic
Georgetown 66XXX Geographic
Georgetown 67XXX Geographic
8XXXXX Non – geographic
9XXXXX Non – geographic
0XXXXX Non – geographic

Important/Emergency Numbers

Phone Number Service category
999 Emergencies
66412 General Enquiries
66777 Confidential Crimeline
67000 Ascension Island Government

Phone Call Instructions

Phone calls from Ascension

The international prefix for Ascension is 00. Please dial 00 or the plus sign(+) before the country code of the country you are calling when making international calls.

  • Local call: xxxxx(subscriber number)
  • From Ascension to abroad: 00(or +) -country code - area code(if any) - subscriber number

To call Ascension from abroad

To call Ascension from abroad, the international prefix depends on which country you are in.

Dial the international prefix or plus sign(+) at first, then 247, then dial the phone number.

  • For example: How to call Ascension from China:

00 - 247 - phone number.

We could have used the plus sign(+) to replace 00:

+247 - phone number.

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