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Area Code, Long-distance Call VoIP, Mobile/Cellular Locator and Telephone Number of American Samoa.


American Samoa International Dialing Code

  • Name: American Samoa
  • Code: 1684, also +1684, 001684, 00 1684, 00-1684, +1684-, +001684, 01684, 0001684, 011-1684 etc.

General Information

  • American Samoa (country code +1 684)
  • International Prefix: 011
  • National Prefix: 1
  • NPA (National Plan Area) /Area code: 684
  • Dialing format:

From within American Samoa: NXX XXXX(subscriber number)

From within America, but outside American Samoa: 1(national prefix)- 684(area code)- NXX XXXX

From outside America: + 1(country code)- 684(area code)- NXX XXXX

From American Samoa to abroad: 011(or +)-country code-area code-phone number

Announced Change

The North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) (country code +1) announces that on 2 October 2004 American Samoa will be integrated into the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) with NPA (Numbering Plan Area) 684 within the country code +1; the subscriber numbers will remain seven digits. As from that date, international routing to American Samoa will be +1 684 NXX XXXX.

Detail of Area Code and Prefix

  • Subscriber numbers: NXX XXXX (seven digits)
NXX Locality Operator
622 Fagaitua ASTCA
633 Fagatogo ASTCA
644 Satala ASTCA
655 Ofu ASTCA
677 Tau ASTCA
688 Leone ASTCA
691 Olotela / Aolaan ASTCA
699 Tafuna ASTCA
733 Cellular ASTCA
258 PCS Blue Sky

Important/Emergency Numbers

Phone Number Service category
911 Police, Fire brigade, Ambulance

Phone Call Instructions

In American Samoa

The international prefix for American Samoa is 011. Please dial 011 or the plus sign(+) before the country code of which you are calling when making international calls.

The national prefix for American Samoa is 1. Please dial 1 before the phone number when making national long distance calls.

  • For national long distance calls: 1 - Area Code - Subscriber Number
  • For international calls: 011 or (+) - Country Code - Area Code - Subscriber Number

To American Samoa

To call American Samoa from abroad, the international prefix depends on the country you are calling from.

Dial the international prefix or plus sign(+) at first, then 1 684(code for American Samoa), then dial the phone number.

  • How to call American Samoa from China:

00-1 684-Subscriber Number.

We could have used the plus sign(+) to replace 00:

+1 684-Subscriber Number.

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