Hlathikulu Areacode: 2217

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002682217 = Hlathikulu:

Note:2217 is the areacode of Hlathikulu, Swaziland. The prefix of international number of Hlathikulu is 00268 2217 or 00268-2217, 002682217 .

General Information

  • Country Code: +268
  • International Prefix: "00"
  • National Prefix: "0"

For national calls, it must be dialed before all telephone numbers except short numbers. It must not be dialed from abroad.

  • International Dialing Format:

00-phone number(8 digits) (for outgoing calls from Swaziland)

+268-phone number(8 digits) (for outgoing call to Swaziland)

Phone Call Examples

To call Hlathikulu from abroad, dial +, then 268(the country code for Swaziland), then the area code(without the initial 0) and the fixed phone number. For the mobile phones, dial +, then 268(the country code for Swaziland), the mobile phone number(without the initial 0).

An example for calling telephones in Hlathikulu is as follows:

  • xx xx xxxx (within Hlathikulu)
  • 02217 - phone number (within Swaziland)
  • +268 2217 - phone number(outside Swaziland)

An example for mobile numbers is as follows:

  • xx xx xxxx (within same providers, other providers or landlines in Swaziland)
  • +268 - phone number (outside Swaziland)

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