Agadir Areacode: 525, 5282, 5288, 52990

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0021252990 = Agadir:

Note๏ผš525, 5282, 5288, 52990 is the areacode of Agadir, Morocco. The prefix of international number of Agadir is 00212 525 or 00212-525, 00212525, 00212 5282 or 00212-5282, 002125282 , 00212 5288 or 00212-5288, 002125288, 00212 52990 or 00212-52990, 0021252990.

General Information

  • Country: Morocco
  • Country Code: +212
  • International Prefix: 00
  • National Prefix: 0

Phone Call Instructions

Phone calls from Morocco

The International access code for Morocco is 00. Please dial 00 or the plus sign (+) before the destination country code when making international calls.

The national access code for Morocco is 0. To place a local or national call to a fixed national public telecommunication network subscriber or to a mobile network subscriber, only one format needs to be used: 0 - Phone number.

  • To call Agadir within Morocco: 0 - Phone number.
  • From Morocco to abroad: 00(or +) - country code - area code (if any) - phone number

To call Agadir from abroad

To call Agadir from abroad, the International access code depends on which country you are in.

Please check the Country Codes List.

Dial the International access code or plus sign (+) at first, then 212, then dial the phone number.

  • For example: How to call Agadir from America:
011 (or +) - 212 - phone number.

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