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Note๏ผš249 is the areacode of Ontario, Canada. For international number is 001249 or 001-249ใ€0010249ใ€+1-249ใ€+1+249ใ€+1249ใ€00-1-249ใ€00 1 249.

More About Area Code 249

Area Code 249 was first put in service March 19, 2011. Currently, the largest city it serves is Sudbury, ON, and it overlaps coverage areas with area code 705.

Active Phone Number Prefixes

Prefix Usage Primary City Carrier
(249) 220- Landline Stayner Telus Integrated Communications
(249) 221- Landline Alliston Telus Integrated Communications
(249) 222- Landline Rosseau Telus Integrated Communications
(249) 223- Landline Moonstone Telus Integrated Communications
(249) 224- Landline Otter Lake Telus Integrated Communications
(249) 265- Landline Oba Comwave Networks
(249) 266- Landline Sudbury Comwave Networks
(249) 267- Landline Warren Comwave Networks
(249) 268- Landline Wawa Comwave Networks
(249) 269- Landline Whitefish Falls Comwave Networks
(249) 301- Landline Midland Telus Integrated Communications
(249) 302- Landline Algoma Mills Telus Integrated Communications
(249) 357- Wireless Peterborough Telus Mobility
(249) 358- Wireless North Bay Telus Mobility
(249) 400- Wireless Mattawa Rogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
(249) 700- Landline Huntsville Iristel Inc.
(249) 877- Wireless Barrie Telus Mobility
(249) 878- Wireless Sudbury Telus Mobility
(249) 888- Landline Barrie Fibernetics Corporation
(249) 988- Wireless Parry Sound Fido Solutions Inc.
(249) 991- Wireless New Liskeard Fido Solutions Inc.
(249) 992- Wireless Kirkland Lake Fido Solutions Inc.
(249) 993- Wireless West Guilford Fido Solutions Inc.
(249) 994- Wireless Kapuskasing Fido Solutions Inc.
(249) 995- Wireless Huntsville Fido Solutions Inc.
(249) 996- Wireless Mattawa Fido Solutions Inc.
(249) 997- Wireless Little Current Fido Solutions Inc.
(249) 998- Wireless Fenelon Falls Fido Solutions Inc.
(249) 999- Wireless Espanola Fido Solutions Inc.

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